Self-Doubt to Certainty... The Feeling is the Secret

Ever felt stuck in doubt while trying to manifest your desires? 

Remember, self-doubt is the barrier you put between you and your dreams. Shift your focus to certainty and watch the magic happen. 


1. Become aware of your inner conversations.

Self-doubt often comes from our internal dialogue. Start speaking to yourself with the certainty of your desires fulfilled. 


Nevill says, "Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled". When self-doubt arises, imagine the feeling of already living your dream. Feel it real, and it will materialize. 


2. Revision is key.

Had a day filled with self-doubt? Use Neville's technique of revision. At day's end, replay events reflecting the fulfillment of your wishes. 


"An assumption, though false, if persisted in, will harden into fact." - Neville 


Persist in the assumption of certainty. Doubt will face, replaced by the reality you've assumed. 


3. Dwell in the end. 

Don't just think, "it's possible," live as if it's already true. This isn't just hope, it's trust in your desired outcome. 


The shift happens in your mindset first. Hold onto the certainty of your desires being fulfilled. The outside world will follow suit. 


Keep faith in your imagination. What you believe internally, you'll experience externally. From self-doubt to certainty, "The Feeling is the Secret".