Become Your Most Confident & Beautiful Self

So, how can I become my most beautiful and confident self? 


1. Be Kind 

2. Be good

3. Do beautiful things for yourself and other people 

4. Be your unique self

5. Smile and make eye contact 

6. Be gracious 

7. Do things that make you happy and glow


Fix your mindset...

1. Work on your self-image 

2. Get rid of insecurities

3. Take care of your mental health

4. Believe in yourself

5. Work on your self-worth and self-confidence

6. Start practices that help with self-improvement

7. Stop comparing yourself to others

8. Practice self-love 


Take care of yourself physically...

1. Exercise is key

2. Eat healthy

3. Get enough sleep 

4. Floss to keep them white

5. Take self-care seriously

6. Take care of your skin by using a good moisturizer and sunscreen


Figure out your style... 

1. Wear clothes that make your body look good and make you feel confident 

2. Make sure your makeup is on point if you're the makeup type

3. Do something with your hair to make it look good 

4. Smell good, use scents that fit your vibe. It's all about you