How to Manifest Your Dream Life

Manifest your dream life with just 1 minute per day... 


First, decide exactly what you want. If it's money, know exactly how much. If it's your dream physique, know exactly what it looks like. 


Now create a mental image of your desire. If it's money, create an image of your bank balance showing your desired number. If its your dream body, create an image of yourself with that body. 


Take some time to come up with an image, and then memorize the exact image of your desire. Memorize it well before you go to the next step. 


Each morning, you're going to focus on this image for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, you say: it's done! You're going to repeat this in the afternoon and night. 3 x 20 secs = 1 minute. But there's a catch... 


Your focus should be on the desired image for 20 seconds uninterrupted. If your mind wanders during those 20 seconds, you have to start over. 


It doesn't matter whether you do it with your eyes closed or open. Both are okay. focus on the image for 20 seconds and then say: it's done!


It also doesn't matter if you doubt whether it will come. Having doubts is normal. I've manifested so many things while doubting whether it would happen. 


The most important thing is to do the work. Just 1 minute per day. It will change your life. No excuses, I know you have the time.