Empower Women & Make a Difference

At the Dr Joe Dispenza Advanced Follow Up retreat in May 2023 Manifest Beauty and the Give to Give Foundation joined forces for a special charitable collaboration.

Unyielding determination fueled our mission to raise $10,000, in partnership with the Give to Give Foundation, to empower deserving individuals through a life-changing scholarship to attend a Dr Joe Dispenza retreat. Join us on this transformative journey as we recruit new members to Give to Give, creating a ripple effect of kindness.

Together, we amplified Manifest Beauty’s presence within the Give to Give Community, showcasing the power of corporate collaborations for social good. As our email list expands, we invite you to donate and become part of an inspired community where dreams turn into reality.

We asked the retreat attendees to make a $100 donation and they received an exclusive Manifest Beauty hat. The generous contributions directly supports Give to Give’s initiatives, empowering women and fostering positive change. Limited quantities were available, and we are proud to say that we exceeded our goal and fundraised over $11,000 dollars!

Over four transformative weeks, Give to Give and Manifest Beauty are celebrating the power and lives of women. Together, we will host an online learning and meditation session, and learn about Give to Give’s impactful work with women. Let’s create a ripple effect of positive change. You can donate with the link below


Online Learning Session- How I manifested Manifest Beauty

Join us for an enlightening online learning session on June 8th at 5pm PT (8pm ET) that embodies the true impact of Give to Give’s work with women. Gain insights from influential speakers, hear inspiring stories, and witness the transformational power of our initiatives. This session will serve as the main marketing material for promoting direct fundraising. In this session our founder Tamara Bakir will tell the story of how she manifested her dream company. Link below to sign up!