How to Manifest Your Desires

If you're trying to manifest your desires and can't seem to feel and believe that you already have it, here are three steps to manifest everything you want... 

1. Take your attention completely away from your outer world and who you think you are. Go within and connect with your higher self who is beyond the world and who you think you are. 

2. Identify the belief that is stopping you from believing in your desire. Once you have identified it, feel its opposite nature to be true. If doubt arises, rest assured that doubts do not exist to your higher self, and they are the illusions of your lower self. 

3. Repeat the affirmation earnestly: I desire this more than anything. I demand it to be true. I deny all that is not in alignment. I cast away my lower self and become one with my higher self. I am now tapped into my infinite power. It is done.