The Power of the Golden Rule

Do you know Neville Goddard's "Golden Rule" of visualization? 


The Golden Rule: Treat others in your imagination just like you would want them to treat you in reality. 


If you want someone to treat you kindly, you visualize them doing so. You don't wait for them to change, you change your perception. Goddard says, "By applying this Golden Rule, "A change of attitude in you will create a change in them". If you want a harmonious relationship, visualize them treating you with love and respect, not the other way around.


The Golden Rule isn't about manipulation. It's about understanding that your outside world is a reflection of your inner world. It's about conscious creation. Using the Golden Rule, you take charge of your experiences, by creating them in your mind first. This means, to manifest effectively, we need to focus on our internal state first. We need to feel as if our desire is already fulfilled. 


So next time, before reacting, remember the Golden Rule. Change your inner belief, and see the outer change naturally follow.