Once You Do This, Your Desires will INSTANTLY Become Yours

Imagine you're driving to a destination with a 15 year old in the passenger seat. They believe they know better and start fighting you for the wheel. It's dangerous and chaotic. The sceanario mirrors how often we fight to control our lives, even when our Higher Self knows better. In our lives, we often wrestle for control, not realizing that our Higher Self or GodSelf can see the bigger picture. 


More often than not, this struggle for control can be traced back to childhood trauma. At a young age, we may have experienced situations where control provided a sense of safety during chaos. This ingrained belief makes us crave control to feel secure, even when it's not necessary. All the magic happens in the unknown. Yet, we get addicted to the familiar. Why do we cling to control? It stems from the belief that controls equal safety. We trust that by controlling out circumstances, we can find inner peace. However, this belief is flawed. Real magic and growth happen when we embrace the unknown and let go of rigid control. 


When we put a desire on a pedestal, we create resistance. Balancing forces in the universe bring us back to a baseline. The more we let go of control, the more in control we actually feel. The counterintuitive truth stems from finding safey in the present moment. Habits, even unhealthy ones, have payoffs like temporary validation or security. Understand these payoffs helps us break free from the need to control everything. 


Our power lies in undoing familiar childhood dynamics. By seeing the negative payoffs of control and letting go of its importance, we allow the universe to guide us. This involves trusting that our Higher Self knows the best path, even if it doesn't seem like it at the moment. By following our excitement and passion, we align more closely with our higher self and open the door to unexpected and wonderful experiences. 


Imagine your Higher Self on a mountaintop, looking down at your ego navigating the valley. The quickest way to ascend is to follow your excitement. When we pursue our passions, we align with our true path and avoid the detours caused by focusing on a means to an end. Control is serious and heavy. Letting go allows us to enjoy the journey and the process. Life is short, and finding joy in the experience, not just the outcome, raises out frequency and attracts better opportunities. 


Anxiety and excitement are closely linked. Anxiety is excitement filtered through a negative belief system. By shifting our perspective, we can transform anxious energy into excitement and tackle challenges with enthusiasm. When we focus on adding value to others, the universe supports us. Releasing the need to look perfect or control every detail opens us up to receive guidance and inspiration. An intention to serve others aligns us with higher vibrations and unlocks magical experiences. 


Letting go of control involves removing resistance and trusting that the universe has our best interests at heart. By stepping back and allowing the higher powers to guide us, we create space for wonderful, unforeseen opportunities to emerge. Safety doesn't come from controlling external factors but from accepting the present moment. Embracing the unknown can be exciting, as it holds the potential for endless possibilities. Instead of clinging to familiar limiting beliefs, we can choose to trust the universe and let go. Let go, have fun, and watch how your life changes.