3 Questions to Get Crystal Clear on What You Really Want...

Want to get crystal clear on what you want? Here are three questions that will put you on the right track. 


What is the opposite of what I don't want?

Sometimes it can be hard to decide what you want because you're still focused on what isn't currently working. So start where you are - this might look like: 

"I'm not totally sure what it is I want yet, I just know I don't want..." 

... to be broke anymore" 

... to be in a codependent relationship/alone anymore" 

Now what's the opposite?

I want to live abundantly

I was to be in a healthy loving relationship

I want to do work that's fulfilling


How do I want to feel? 

Usually the things we want are less about the actual desire itself and more about how we think HAVING said desire will make us feel. 

Do you want to feel abundant? 






What would make you feel X (fill with the desired feelings)?

Lis out everything you think would give you the desired feelings!


If I could be, do, and have absolutely anything in the universe, what would I choose? 

Let's take the HOW out of the equation to get clarity! 

If money was no issue... 

If time was no issue...

If skills were no issue... 

If you have every resource, connection and ability to BE, DO and HAVE anything you wanted, what would you choose?