Our Manifestation Secrets Revealed.

Struggling to believe in your manifestation? 


I don't believe that you need to have 100% faith to manifest your desires. I have manifested plenty of things without having 100% faith. What if you could stop forcing yourself to have full faith, and instead accept the feelings that say otherwise? 


This is not because you are accepting those narratives as facts, but because it is better not to fight against where you are and what you feel. What if you were meant to experience the wide spectrum of emotions, feelings and different states as consciousness wanting to experience itself-including the feeling of not having faith? 


A lot of the time manifestations come when we are living in the present moment, no longer seeing the circumstances as a threat or an obstacle. We don't need full faith to experience this feeling. Of course, having faith does help, as well as the willingness to look beyond the unconscious narratives you've accepted for yourself. 


Could you take a step back and recognize that while you may not believe in your manifestation yet, it is still in the realm of possibility where it could still happen? 


And even if you couldn't entertain the possibility, could you accept that at one point, a lot of things in our world seemed impossible and are now possible and normal for us? Where did they all originate from? Our imagination! 


These perspective shifts are already enough to begin shifting you in the state you want to embody, therefore opening yourself up to the infinite possibilities that do exist. 


The paradox is when you stop fighting to feel faith and to feel certain feelings and emotions, the recognition of I AM and faith will come up naturally because it is already who you are. It is your True Self.